Nexus Interview Questions in 2024

Nexus Interview Questions

Knowing what to expect in a Nexus interview can significantly boost your chances of securing this time-saving travel benefit. Nexus interviews are brief conversations between applicants and border officials from the United States and Canada. Understanding common Nexus interview questions and how to answer them effectively will help you breeze through this step in the application process.

What are Nexus Interview Questions?

Nexus interviews are short in-person meetings where Canadian and American border officers assess your eligibility for the Nexus program. These interviews typically last around 30 minutes and focus on verifying the information you provided in your application and determining your suitability for expedited border clearance.

Most Common Nexus Interview Questions

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Here are some of the most frequently asked Nexus interview questions:

Why do you want a Nexus card?

Border officers want to understand why you’re applying for a Nexus card. Be honest about your travel habits and explain how the card’s benefits align with your needs.

Example: “I travel frequently between Canada and the United States for business. A Nexus card would allow me to save significant time on border crossings, making my trips more efficient.”

How often do you travel to the United States/Canada?

This question helps assess how much you’ll utilize the Nexus program. Be prepared to discuss your typical travel frequency and destinations.

Example: “On average, I travel to the United States for work about once a month. I also visit family in Toronto a few times a year.”

Where do you think you’ll travel to in the United States/Canada?

Border officials want to know if you plan to travel to areas where Nexus wouldn’t be applicable. Be honest about your intended destinations.

Example: “I primarily travel to major airports on the East Coast of the United States for business meetings. I’m aware that Nexus wouldn’t be valid for land crossings in remote areas.”

Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?

Honesty is crucial. Disclose any criminal history and be prepared to explain the circumstances.

Example: “Yes, I received a speeding ticket a few years ago, which I paid in full. I haven’t had any other citations since then.”

Do you have any outstanding debts or warrants?

Unpaid debts or outstanding warrants can jeopardize your Nexus application. Be upfront about any financial obligations.

Example: “I do not have any outstanding debts or warrants. I am financially responsible and meet all my obligations on time.”

Are you currently under investigation by any law enforcement agency?

Border officials want to ensure you’re not a security risk. Be truthful about any ongoing investigations.

Example: “No, I am not currently under investigation by any law enforcement agency.”

Have you ever been denied entry into the United States or Canada?

Disclose any past instances of denied entry and explain the reasons.

Example: “No, I have never been denied entry into the United States or Canada.”

Do you have any memberships in organizations that advocate violence or extremism?

Nexus aims to facilitate secure travel. Be clear that you don’t belong to any such organizations.

Example: “No, I do not have any memberships in organizations that advocate violence or extremism.”

How will you pay for the Nexus application fee?

This question assesses your financial responsibility. Be prepared to explain your payment method.

Example: “I will pay for the Nexus application fee with my credit card.”

How to Get Prepared for Nexus Interviews

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Here are some tips to ensure a smooth Nexus interview:

  • Review your application thoroughly. Refresh your memory on the information you provided to avoid inconsistencies.
  • Dress professionally. First impressions matter, so dress appropriately for the interview setting.
  • Be confident and polite. Project confidence and courtesy throughout the interview.
  • Answer questions honestly and directly. Don’t try to fabricate information or sugarcoat the truth.
  • Bring required documentation. Have your passport, application confirmation, and any other requested documents readily available.

Special Focus Section: Highlighting Travel Plans

While discussing your travel habits, mentioning any upcoming trips with confirmed details can strengthen your application. This demonstrates a genuine need for the Nexus card and helps border officials assess its relevance to your travel plans.


By understanding common Nexus interview questions and preparing effectively, you can confidently navigate this step in the application process. Remember, honesty, clarity, and professionalism are key to a successful Nexus interview. With a little preparation, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the benefits of expedited border crossings!

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