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10,000+ users

Everything you need

The most powerful HR tools for your business


Simplify your work and gain valuable insights into your business with our advanced analytics tools for HR teams.

Schedulers and Timers

Set up all HR tools and customize aspects of your dashboard without needing to write a single line of code.


Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand, our platform is designed to grow with you and your HR team.

Helping you focus on what really matters in HR.

By hosting and managing all software and infrastructure on our platform, you can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on maintenance and support for HR teams.

  • Easy to use
  • Multiple users
  • Smart features
  • Secure platform

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Smart features

All the tools you need

Easy to use

Made for everyone


Cloud APIs

5 star

User reviews


Open Source


HR experience

Designed to scale when your business grows.

StandHR is designed to scale with your business, so you can easily accommodate more users and customers as your team grows.

  • Designed to scale
  • Latest PHP support
  • Split CSS loading
  • 100% TypeScript backend

Compatible with all your favorite software tools

Full integration and support for most popular tools and platforms. If there’s an integration missing that you need, let us know and we’ll happily add support!

  • Marketing plugins
  • Recruitment tools
  • Form plugins
  • Custom integrations

Responsive settings

Fully responsive positioning system

Marketing full stack

Full support for marketing platforms

Conversion focussed

Convert more applicants into employees


Frequently asked questions

Who should use HR software?
HR professionals will use the software for core HR tasks. Many systems offer self-service features for employees to access paystubs, request time off, or update personal information.
How can I find the right software for HR?
Research different HR software options and compare features, pricing, and user reviews. Consider your company size, budget, and specific HR needs to find the best fit.
What is HR software?
HR software, also called HRIS (Human Resources Information System), streamlines HR tasks like payroll, benefits, and onboarding. It centralizes employee data and automates processes, saving time and reducing errors.
How much does HR software cost?
HR software pricing varies based on features, company size, and number of users. Many vendors offer freemium plans or tiered pricing models.
Do I need HR software?
Even small businesses can benefit from HR software. It simplifies managing paperwork, ensures compliance with labor laws, and improves communication with employees.
What features should I look for in HR software?
Features will vary depending on your needs. Common options include applicant tracking, onboarding tools, time and attendance tracking, performance management, and self-service portals for employees.
Is HR software secure?
Reputable HR software providers prioritize data security. Look for features like encryption, access controls, and regular backups to ensure employee information is protected.
Is HR software easy to use?
Most HR software is user-friendly with intuitive interfaces and training resources. Look for software that integrates with your existing tools for a smooth workflow.

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